Hälsning från Wiens borgmästare

Wienerbal 2023

Hälsning från Wiens borgmästare



Vienna is the world capital of music. During the age of Viennese Classicism alone, once-in-a-millennium composers like Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven lived and worked here.


The Austrian capital city is equally famous as the capital of dance and Viennese ball tradition. The Blue Danube Waltz and signature dance tunes composed by the Strauss dynasty have become enormously popular all around the globe, with millions of people everywhere starting the New Year with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's annual New Year's Concert  . But "Alles Walzer!“, the well-known prompt for guests to take to the dance floor at the traditional Viennese Opera Ball, is  also heard outside Austria. With the legendary Vienna Balls abroad, the City of Vienna shares the life-affirming spirit of friendship and ease inherent in this tradition with the entire world.


Last year, of course, many of the events had to be cancelled due to the worldwide Corona pandemic. It is therefore even more gratifying that one of the most glamorous balls – the Vienna Ball in Stockholm – is going ahead again this year. May it be a symbol, as it were, for a new beginning and a renewed zest for life.


On this note, my best wishes go out to the organisers for a most successful event, and to all visitors for a truly unforgettable evening of Viennese Waltz.


Michael Ludwig
Mayor and Governor of Vienna